Wednesday, February 29, 2012


"Let's get this over with."
“I don’t know if I can do this.”
“You have to. The Majority decided it must be done. It’s the only way to go to their world with no suspicion.”
“The creature is so ugly and to make me look like them...”
“You volunteered for the astronaut program Sheera.”
“I know. I just never thought I would have to change myself into an alien.”
“It’s only temporary.’
“Don’t lie to me. There is no cure right now. I know the risks doctor.”
“Sheera you told the Majority you’d do this. Are we going ahead with this, or should I find a more willing astronaut perhaps Aidru ?”
“Aidru are you kidding me? He barely passed the training.”
“So you agree?”
“Yes okay I’ll do it. You had better be working on a way to make me better.”
The doctor injected the serum into Sheera and she quickly transformed.
Sheera looked in a mirror and cried “I’m so ugly”.
“I’ll do everything in my power to find a cure so you can be beautiful again.” the doctor responded
“I’m holding you to that.  I’m off these aliens better be worth all the trouble.”
“I’m told we need them to continue our existence but they fear of us.”
“They are so primitive why would we need them?”
“They have something ingrained in them that makes them achieve, despite all odds.”
“And this planet is called?”
© Sheilagh Lee   February 29, 2012
Happy Leap Day

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