Friday, March 3, 2017

I won An HM for #Thursthreads for this story ~The Barrington Curse

The Barrington Curse

I had married young, at eighteen years of age to Philip Barrington the third, the heir to the Barrington fortune. His grandfather and father had died in the early forties, but not before siring an heir. So Philip felt the need to get that heir and a spare too. Even though I was finishing university Philip thought I should drop everything and pop out a couple of babies. I thought differently, I wasn’t ready. We had a big bust up and I’d left going out with my girlfriends. I’d had a good time, dancing with other men and drinking with my friends. In fact I’d decided that I wanted a divorce. I’d just come into our bedroom and undressed planning on confronting Philip in the morning when I noticed him sitting in the dark in a chair in our bedroom.
“Waiting for me?” I asked.

He ignored me sitting motionless in the chair.

“Why don’t you answer?” I asked.
“I don’t appreciate this Philip. All I did was go out for the evening with my friends.”

He continued to stare blankly at the wall not answering.

  Turning on the light I saw that he was cold and lifeless. The police announced he died from unknown natural causes. The headlines screamed the Barrington curse had struck again. Only I knew an untraceable poison had killed him. Unfortunately he’s not really gone; every night I come home and every night, he sits not saying a word, just staring at me.
©Sheilagh Lee March 2 ,2017

Friday, February 24, 2017

ThursThreads Story Winner Week 255- Mommy

Week 255


       My mother opened the small space at the back of the closet and I slid through then she slid it shut. Whenever my mother’s male friend came I was consigned to the secret room a small space with no windows, barely 5 by 6 feet. It held a battery powered candle, a bucket, an air mattress, a pillow, and a blanket. Laying down I fell asleep. Anger filled me as I heard voices and laughter. In the morning I expected the knock; but no sound came. I tried to slide the wall back myself and exit but it would not budge this time. Time went by and I fell asleep again; but still mother did not come. Hearing voices in the other room, I began to shout and cry hoping someone would rescue me. The wall opened and I squirmed out into the surprised arms of a policeman.
I ran to mommy.

    “I’m sorry young man. Your mother’s gone,” the policeman insisted pulling me away from my mother’s and her lover’s body.

Years have passed and still they have no discovered my mother and her lover’s killer and this hospital is cold. I didn’t understand then what I do now, that the man hadn’t hurt you.  I have controlled my anger better since then. Please forgive me mommy, I am a good boy now, mommy. I will never kill again I cry, but you don’t answer. Why don’t you answer? I need you to do this. Please come back mommy.
 ©Sheilagh Lee February 23 ,2016

Friday, February 17, 2017

ThursThreads Winner Week 254


Week 254

Angie’s Protector

She whispers and I fight her. I will not do her bidding.

“Don’t keep me waiting,” she cries.

But I do not follow her down the rabbit hole for a second time. She wants me to do something; I know she does. I must fight her she cannot take over my life again I won’t let her. The last time was the worst; she came when I was sleeping and I had to do what she wanted.

“Angelica,” she whispers and I try to block out the sound but it echoes in my brain.

“Come and take your place Angel. I need you,” she calls and I almost follow the voice. However I know she’s luring me. I will fight. She cannot win.

She moves things around like chess pieces and I watch and wonder what she’s about? I won’t trust her. Trust must be earned.

She waits patiently and I hear her soft words from a far off place.

“Angelica, that’s it open your eyes and really see me,” she cries and I find myself truly seeing her. For she is me, and I am her. We exist in the same space but only one is allowed to play at the same time. So I was in the darkness sleeping; but I will follow her now and take my place. She is at her greatest need and I will protect her, protect us. For no one will be allowed to harm us again. I am reborn again as Angie’s protector.

©Sheilagh Lee February 16 ,2016

Friday, January 13, 2017


“I can’t take you anywhere.”
“I’m sorry,” I blurted.
“I was joking. I’m so proud of you,” Alexei stated.
I looked at him in astonishment I’d just took down two armed assailants.
“You really don’t care?”
“I’m not insecure. Besides I told you my mother was a soldier, until she gave all up for her six kids, my five older sisters and I.”
“Detective Popov?” the patrol officer asked interrupting I stepped away with him.
“I’m Detective Diana Popov.”

The cop took my statement and then took the perps away.

I turned back to Alexei sure that I was mistaken and he’d now walk away. The head of a security firm wealthy.. good looking and now accepting of me? Instead he dropped to one knee on the cold wet pavement, held out a diamond ring in a lovely blue box and said,” I love you with all my heart my warrior woman. Will you marry me?”
I was stunned words escaped me. I nodded.
He spun me around and kissed me soundly then he took me to dinner and the home to bed.
Six months later we were married. Three years later after the birth of our twins a boy and girl, he was murdered and I apprehended the murderer. Alexei left me an insurance policy that provides a nanny and comforts. Alexei lives on in our children who will now be as open and accepting of people as their father was as long as I have breath to breathe.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Hallowe’en House

Hallowe’en House

It was Hallowe’en night and the weather reminded of that night forty years ago when Bobby Winters had invited me to a secret Hallowe’en dance. Sixteen and beyond excited that my crush had asked me. I had dressed carefully as a wraith, a silk white floor length dress covered by a white torn sheet and a silk white scarf covering my head. I remembered how Bobby had looked in his pirate suit.
I stepped across the threshold of the old house and in my mind I shivered. It was older and more decrepit then I remembered. I heard the front floorboards creak, waiting as I had every Hallowe’en night for Bobby to come and join me. Tonight Bobby answered my invitation.
Bobby came closer wielding a flashlight, I heard him gasp. I pulled my silk scarf closer to my head.
 “You said you deserve to be paid and then you and your friends lured me, raped me and killed me,” I uttered as I reached in and grabbed Bobby’s still beating heart.
Bobby’s body was found by some children a few days later. The town talked about pulling the old house down but nothing has been done… yet. There have been mysteriously deaths in the old house, a rash of heart attacks the coroner claims. People are afraid of the house, but they need not be; there’s only one person left that need fear the Hallowe’en house, all the rest of my murderers are dead.  

Happy Hallowe’en!!

©Sheilagh Lee October 21, 2016

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Thursthreads- Honourable Mention Week187- Wedding

I received an Honourable mention for this story. from #ThursThreads week 187



“Hurry now, dear,” my mother said fussing with and smoothing out my wedding attire.
“Why?” I asked glumly.
“We’re already late. The ceremony starts soon,” my mother replied.

I hated this tradition and had vowed to never get trapped in a loveless arranged marriage, but here I was being led to the slaughter.  My father had recently died and there were many debts. Yesterday my family announced to me that I would marry today, I wanted to know the name of my spouse, meet them, but that was denied to me. Heartbroken that I would be denied my true love I accepted my fate.
So here I was meeting my spouse at the altar. I turned to my soon-to-be spouse; we said our vows and the veil was lifted. I couldn’t contain my surprise. My spouse was none other than my true love, Gisele.
“Frederick?” she blurted.
I kissed her passionately thanking the gods who had allowed us to be together.
Later meeting my uncle at the reception I asked him how he had chosen Giselle. “Frederick, I was denied my true love because of family honour could I allow you to suffer the same fate?”

I thanked him profusely and vowed that my children would choose their own mates. I have great grandchildren now and they are all happily married. Giselle and I are celebrate our sixtieth anniversary may you be so truly blessed.

©Sheilagh Lee October 1, 2015

Friday, August 21, 2015

Honourable Mention Thursthreads- Bluebell Thursday August 20, 2015


   For a few plates of food Bluebell the feral kitten entered my heart saving me from a humdrum life. Bluebell disliked my husband and clawed him often... the smart cat, for my husband soon left me for my best friend. Bluebell celebrated with me and then comforted me when my husband and best friend tragically died from faulty brakes.

   Grief for my dead cat, Bluebell had laid me low. I had decided to end it all and join her. People had said silly things to me like they deserved to die, they’re only animals or what did you expect? They don’t live long! I still expected Bluebell to greet me at the door, purring around my feet and talking to me in her high-pitched meows; which only made the grief worse.

  Continuing walking towards the pier that I planned to jump from; I heard high-pitched meows, I followed the sound and there in front of my stunned eyes was a kitten that looked like Bluebell. I bent down to pick it up and it scratched me. I smiled, for so had Bluebell when we met. Taking it to the vet, I was stunned to find out that vet believed it related to Bluebell. I named him Beau and kept him. I will always miss Bluebell, but Bluebell had saved my life yet again by directing me to Beau. Beau greets me every night now when I get home from work and I am happy again.  I have family again.
©Sheilagh Lee August 19, 2015