Friday, February 24, 2017

ThursThreads Story Winner Week 255- Mommy

Week 255


       My mother opened the small space at the back of the closet and I slid through then she slid it shut. Whenever my mother’s male friend came I was consigned to the secret room a small space with no windows, barely 5 by 6 feet. It held a battery powered candle, a bucket, an air mattress, a pillow, and a blanket. Laying down I fell asleep. Anger filled me as I heard voices and laughter. In the morning I expected the knock; but no sound came. I tried to slide the wall back myself and exit but it would not budge this time. Time went by and I fell asleep again; but still mother did not come. Hearing voices in the other room, I began to shout and cry hoping someone would rescue me. The wall opened and I squirmed out into the surprised arms of a policeman.
I ran to mommy.

    “I’m sorry young man. Your mother’s gone,” the policeman insisted pulling me away from my mother’s and her lover’s body.

Years have passed and still they have no discovered my mother and her lover’s killer and this hospital is cold. I didn’t understand then what I do now, that the man hadn’t hurt you.  I have controlled my anger better since then. Please forgive me mommy, I am a good boy now, mommy. I will never kill again I cry, but you don’t answer. Why don’t you answer? I need you to do this. Please come back mommy.
 ©Sheilagh Lee February 23 ,2016

Friday, February 17, 2017

ThursThreads Winner Week 254


Week 254

Angie’s Protector

She whispers and I fight her. I will not do her bidding.

“Don’t keep me waiting,” she cries.

But I do not follow her down the rabbit hole for a second time. She wants me to do something; I know she does. I must fight her she cannot take over my life again I won’t let her. The last time was the worst; she came when I was sleeping and I had to do what she wanted.

“Angelica,” she whispers and I try to block out the sound but it echoes in my brain.

“Come and take your place Angel. I need you,” she calls and I almost follow the voice. However I know she’s luring me. I will fight. She cannot win.

She moves things around like chess pieces and I watch and wonder what she’s about? I won’t trust her. Trust must be earned.

She waits patiently and I hear her soft words from a far off place.

“Angelica, that’s it open your eyes and really see me,” she cries and I find myself truly seeing her. For she is me, and I am her. We exist in the same space but only one is allowed to play at the same time. So I was in the darkness sleeping; but I will follow her now and take my place. She is at her greatest need and I will protect her, protect us. For no one will be allowed to harm us again. I am reborn again as Angie’s protector.

©Sheilagh Lee February 16 ,2016