Friday, February 17, 2017

ThursThreads Winner Week 254


Week 254

Angie’s Protector

She whispers and I fight her. I will not do her bidding.

“Don’t keep me waiting,” she cries.

But I do not follow her down the rabbit hole for a second time. She wants me to do something; I know she does. I must fight her she cannot take over my life again I won’t let her. The last time was the worst; she came when I was sleeping and I had to do what she wanted.

“Angelica,” she whispers and I try to block out the sound but it echoes in my brain.

“Come and take your place Angel. I need you,” she calls and I almost follow the voice. However I know she’s luring me. I will fight. She cannot win.

She moves things around like chess pieces and I watch and wonder what she’s about? I won’t trust her. Trust must be earned.

She waits patiently and I hear her soft words from a far off place.

“Angelica, that’s it open your eyes and really see me,” she cries and I find myself truly seeing her. For she is me, and I am her. We exist in the same space but only one is allowed to play at the same time. So I was in the darkness sleeping; but I will follow her now and take my place. She is at her greatest need and I will protect her, protect us. For no one will be allowed to harm us again. I am reborn again as Angie’s protector.

©Sheilagh Lee February 16 ,2016

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