Friday, January 13, 2017


“I can’t take you anywhere.”
“I’m sorry,” I blurted.
“I was joking. I’m so proud of you,” Alexei stated.
I looked at him in astonishment I’d just took down two armed assailants.
“You really don’t care?”
“I’m not insecure. Besides I told you my mother was a soldier, until she gave all up for her six kids, my five older sisters and I.”
“Detective Popov?” the patrol officer asked interrupting I stepped away with him.
“I’m Detective Diana Popov.”

The cop took my statement and then took the perps away.

I turned back to Alexei sure that I was mistaken and he’d now walk away. The head of a security firm wealthy.. good looking and now accepting of me? Instead he dropped to one knee on the cold wet pavement, held out a diamond ring in a lovely blue box and said,” I love you with all my heart my warrior woman. Will you marry me?”
I was stunned words escaped me. I nodded.
He spun me around and kissed me soundly then he took me to dinner and the home to bed.
Six months later we were married. Three years later after the birth of our twins a boy and girl, he was murdered and I apprehended the murderer. Alexei left me an insurance policy that provides a nanny and comforts. Alexei lives on in our children who will now be as open and accepting of people as their father was as long as I have breath to breathe.

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  1. Very interesting story here. I like it very much. Thanks for sharing.