Friday, October 21, 2016

Hallowe’en House

Hallowe’en House

It was Hallowe’en night and the weather reminded of that night forty years ago when Bobby Winters had invited me to a secret Hallowe’en dance. Sixteen and beyond excited that my crush had asked me. I had dressed carefully as a wraith, a silk white floor length dress covered by a white torn sheet and a silk white scarf covering my head. I remembered how Bobby had looked in his pirate suit.
I stepped across the threshold of the old house and in my mind I shivered. It was older and more decrepit then I remembered. I heard the front floorboards creak, waiting as I had every Hallowe’en night for Bobby to come and join me. Tonight Bobby answered my invitation.
Bobby came closer wielding a flashlight, I heard him gasp. I pulled my silk scarf closer to my head.
 “You said you deserve to be paid and then you and your friends lured me, raped me and killed me,” I uttered as I reached in and grabbed Bobby’s still beating heart.
Bobby’s body was found by some children a few days later. The town talked about pulling the old house down but nothing has been done… yet. There have been mysteriously deaths in the old house, a rash of heart attacks the coroner claims. People are afraid of the house, but they need not be; there’s only one person left that need fear the Hallowe’en house, all the rest of my murderers are dead.  

Happy Hallowe’en!!

©Sheilagh Lee October 21, 2016

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