Saturday, October 3, 2015

Thursthreads- Honourable Mention Week187- Wedding

I received an Honourable mention for this story. from #ThursThreads week 187



“Hurry now, dear,” my mother said fussing with and smoothing out my wedding attire.
“Why?” I asked glumly.
“We’re already late. The ceremony starts soon,” my mother replied.

I hated this tradition and had vowed to never get trapped in a loveless arranged marriage, but here I was being led to the slaughter.  My father had recently died and there were many debts. Yesterday my family announced to me that I would marry today, I wanted to know the name of my spouse, meet them, but that was denied to me. Heartbroken that I would be denied my true love I accepted my fate.
So here I was meeting my spouse at the altar. I turned to my soon-to-be spouse; we said our vows and the veil was lifted. I couldn’t contain my surprise. My spouse was none other than my true love, Gisele.
“Frederick?” she blurted.
I kissed her passionately thanking the gods who had allowed us to be together.
Later meeting my uncle at the reception I asked him how he had chosen Giselle. “Frederick, I was denied my true love because of family honour could I allow you to suffer the same fate?”

I thanked him profusely and vowed that my children would choose their own mates. I have great grandchildren now and they are all happily married. Giselle and I are celebrate our sixtieth anniversary may you be so truly blessed.

©Sheilagh Lee October 1, 2015

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